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Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine: A Technical and Regulatory Discussion

ARMI | BIOFABUSA will be speaking during Akron Biotech's webinar on Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine: A Technical and Regulatory Discussion

ARMI Speakers will include:

Gray Chynoweth, Chief Membership Officer

Tissue engineering is an evolving field that combines scaffolds, cells, and other biologically active molecules into functional tissues with the goal of assembling  functional constructs that restore, maintain, or improve damaged tissues or whole organs. This webinar brings together technical and regulatory experts in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to discuss current challenges and novel approaches to advance the field forward.

Dr. Ramon Montero will introduce a brief history of electrospinning as a scaffolding technology, explore the determining parameters that make electrospinning possible, and examine dominant trends. He will also discuss pros and cons of this technology and how to circumvent or improve some of the pitfalls that could be encountered with this technology in tissue engineering and drug delivery, both in vitro and in vivo.

Dr. Jiwen Zhang will cover the fundamentals on regulations of tissue engineered products, regulatory challenges in developing such products, and the importance of formulating and executing regulatory strategies throughout each stage of the product development.

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