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The Coordinated Continuum of Biological Systems Supporting Human Motion

  • Proctor Academy 204 Main St Andover, NH US (map)

ARMI | BioFabUSA will be speaking at the Coordinated Continuum of Biological Systems Supporting Human Motion Conference.

ARMI Speakers will include:

Dean Kamen, Acting Executive Director

The underlying aim of the musculoskeletal scientist/engineer/clinician is to preserve or recover human pain-free mobility. Optimizing the potential for this result requires a continuum of understanding from basic scientist to applied scientist/engineer to clinician. This conference will provide the opportunity for that continuum of knowledge to be transferred so that its effect on the support of pain-free human motion can be fulfilled. Beginning with musculoskeletal development, the conference will focus on cellular metabolism, tissue structure, the biology of skeletal support, neurological control, diseases of motion, methodology (molecular and surgical) for the restoration of motion and finally - a focus on the scientific means for the perfection of motion. Speakers have been chosen for their ability to contextually relate each aspect of the continuum from the molecular to the sensate, motile human being.