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ASME's Bioprinting, Bioinks and Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Webinar

ARMI | BioFabUSA and member ASME will host a webinar entitled “Bioprinting, Bioinks and Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering.”

As additive manufacturing technologies have become common place in academia and manufacturing endeavors across the industry spectrum, one area has continued to maintain the mysterious luster of sci-fi magic: 3D Bioprinting. The potential to revolutionize medical therapies and medicine as we know it by printing a replacement organ with a patient’s own cells, is still a future hope, but with the advancement of 3D bioprinting it is more tangible than ever before. As the field of tissue engineering continues to take shape the use of 3D bioprinters as a beneficial tool for R&D, manufacturing, scale-up and education is becoming increasingly evident.

 This webinar, a collaboration between BioFabUSA and ASME, will feature two leaders in the bioprinting and bioinks space who will breakdown the ‘magic’ of 3D bioprinters, bioinks and biomaterials. Patrick Thayer, PhD is the Chief Applications Officer at CELLINK and will be discussing the development of the bioprinting and bioink fields and how CELLINK is working to advance the technology for both academia and industry goals. Adam Jakus, PhD is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Dimension Inx and will provide an overview of the sectors of biofabrication as well as a deep dive into bioinks and biomaterials. 

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Later Event: May 20
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