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Webinar: Simplifying Quality Systems for Tissue Engineering Success: Lessons from the Nuclear Power Industry


ARMI | BioFabUSA and member ASME will host a webinar entitled “Simplifying Quality Systems for Tissue Engineering Success: Lessons from the Nuclear Power Industry.”

In the tissue engineering industry there is a lot of discussion around the complexities of seeding adherent cells, the best modes for generating vascularized scaffolds, the challenges associated with the packaging and transport of tissue-engineered medical products (TEMPs), and how to get your product to market quickly.

This webinar will provide an overview of quality systems for individuals in the tissue engineering and/or regenerative medicine industries who want to better support their company’s performance and compliance. Over the course of an hour, this webinar will also include:

  • Facts about the value and importance of quality systems prior to the scale-up process

  • Basic tenants of these systems throughout an organization including policies, procedures and procurement

  • Basic elements of a quality systems manual

  • Brief case studies focused on nuclear raw materials and a TEMP product to demonstrate the depth of complexity that can be attained while providing support and guidance on how to create the quality system documents in a highly regulated industry

There is much less focus on the underlying quality management systems that enable a company to efficiently and effectively achieve a quality TEMP that meets the requirements of both the manufacturer and the end user. This has the potential to result in substantial financial and productivity impacts. Register for this webinar to learn how to achieve the highest quality TEMP from the beginning of its development and ensure future success for you organization.

Later Event: October 2
Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa