ARMI's mission is to make practical the large-scale manufacturing of engineered tissues and tissue-related technologies, to benefit existing industries and grow new ones.


ARMI's BioFabUSA program is designed to attract and develop an ecosystem of both large and small industrial/commercial institutions.  Given the nascent stage of the regenerative manufacturing industry, this includes Tissue-Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERM) startup companies as well as larger firms that see this as an attractive adjacent market opportunity.  Also included in this ecosystem are educational, medical and mission driven non-profit institutions whose areas of research, areas of practice or philanthropic mission include, or could benefit from, TERM or TERM related therapies or technologies.  This includes organizations whose mission align with the prospect of developing TERM therapies to help cure certain diseases (e.g., diabetes, renal failure and limb loss) or advancing the tissue manufacturing industry (e.g., engineering/scientific societies and standards development organizations).


         BioFabUSA: a proud member                   of   Manufacturing USA®

         BioFabUSA: a proud member                   of Manufacturing USA®