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New Member Spotlight: Fluid Screen


When Founder and CEO of Fluid-Screen, Dr. Monika Weber, learned about a DoD opportunity with ARMI/BioFabUSA, she immediately recognized a natural synergy between her start-up and the burgeoning Biofabrication ecosystem.  “Current industry standards for bacterial detection use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) as the gold standard, but that can take 3-28 days to produce results.  The Biofabrication industry will need much faster results and will also need to use more automated processes to ensure the flexible integrated manufacturing of QC in human organ growth products,” Dr. Weber remarked. Fluid-Screen is developing an on-site bacterial detection system which eliminates sample mislabeling, loss and contamination that typically occurs during transit. The Fluid-Screen System provides automated sample collection and analysis without the need for extensive training or elaborate test protocols.  

For Fluid-Screen, disrupting the 100-year-old petri dish method and exploring uncharted territory is just the beginning. The next generation of the Fluid-Screen System will be a hand-held, portable device.  Near term the company’s focus is to build a strong business in the pharmaceutical and microbiome industries. The U.S. water testing and food safety markets have an estimated total addressable market of over $1 billion and could benefit significantly from the Fluid-Screen System. Longer term the company’s vision is to extend its fast, accurate and affordable technology to medical diagnostics and a range of other related fluid testing applications globally.

Fluid-Screen, an ARMI Member, plans to expand with a satellite operation in Manchester, NH. “We foresee completing a study and pilot installation in the sate-of-the-art laboratories located at ARMI. The Fluid-Screen System is critical to the Biofabrication industry as it supports novel ideas, breakthroughs, and capabilities,” Dr. Weber said. “We look forward to a succesful collaboration   and increased support for ARMI/BioFabUSA and Fluid-Screen in the years to come.”