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New Member Spotlight: Advanced Solutions

Dr. James Hoying, CTO, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (left), Michael Golway, CEO, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (right)

Dr. James Hoying, CTO, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (left), Michael Golway, CEO, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (right)

Michael Golway, CEO of Kentucky-based Advanced Solutions, is so committed to the mission of someday manufacturing human organs that he is moving dozens of staff from Kentucky to New Hampshire by the end of the 1st quarter in 2018.

Golway, who first learned of the Department of Defense (DoD) opportunity when his firm submitted as part of the two competing groups to ARMI.  He then met Dean Kamen after the project was awarded to ARMI noting, “Dean is a unique leader for this endeavor. His vision is so compelling. He is stitching together an ecosystem to meet all the needs of a new industry via one organization.”

Golway hopes that Advanced Solutions’ invention of the world’s first 3-D human tissue printer using a six-axis robot, called the BioAssemblyBot®, can be incorporated into ARM/BioFabUSA’s ground breaking work.

“Our Lab Innovation Group within the Life Sciences division is small, so the opportunity to collaborate with the best gives us a chance to work and learn in micro vessel technology.”

The 30-year-old Advanced Solutions Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a family of seven companies providing integrated technology solutions and services.  In the Life Science area, Advanced Solutions offers an innovative 3D bio-printing technology for the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries among other products.

The 2017 winner of the Young President’s (YPO) Global Innovation Award Winner, Golway’s firm has already perfected a technology where they 3-D print micro vessels using human fat cells and grow them outside of the body.

Golway can foresee as many as 150 workers coming to the Manchester, NH area within the next three years.  He expects to set up a Research Lab in the city where Advanced Solutions will use their 3-D printer technology to grow blood vessels outside of the human body.

Talent for this new industry is very important to Golway who also envisions Internships within his Advanced Solutions Life Sciences Research Lab in New Hampshire.

For more information, visit Advanced Solutions Life Science at www.advancedsolutions.com.