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BioFabUSA Community Portal Enters Public Beta

In conjunction with the launch of the Winter 2018 Project Call, the ARMI  | BioFabUSA community portal has been moved to public beta.  Along with this release comes several enhancements, including:

  • introduction of new content types (video, presentations)
  • introduction of new content (materials from the Winter 2018 Summit)
  • introduction of Members-Only content areas

These enhancements further the portal's purpose, which is to support member engagement and enhance member value by giving members 'one stop shopping' digital access to ARMI | BioFabUSA services and benefits.  Additionally, using the portal as a way to publish documents to members ensures that they have the most up to date and current information, document and forms and forms.  

The portal was launched in private beta this fall as a way to make membership documents, including the membership agreement and policies and procedures, available to members in a secure fashion.

Contemplated future enhancements to the portal may, among other items, include ways to access ARMI | BioFabUSA regulatory consulting services, the ability to post and seek out job/internship opportunities and additional to additional types of proprietary content.  Your feedback as to what enhancements to the portal you might find valuable is welcomed. 

We encourage you to sign up for an account today!