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The BioFabUSA Winter 2018 Project Call: An Invitation to Submit

ARMI | BioFabUSA's Winter 2018 Project Call is now open.  You may access project call information on our Portal, located here.  If you have not done so already, you will need to create a Portal account to access the information. 

Please keep the following things in mind as you review the documentation: 

  • We are focused on collaborations with commercial organizations, as the participation of commercial organizations in a project help demonstrate that the solution is one that resolves a legitimate industry need.  We are excited to help your organization partner with other organizations, so please make sure to identify both: (i) your organization's area of expertise / competency and (ii) organizations or areas of expertise / competency that you think are important to achieving the outcome contemplated by the project you intend to propose or a project team of which your organization would like to be a part. 
  • We are focused on developing technologies that are broadly applicable and support the manufacturing of multiple tissues.  The more tissue types the particular manufacturing technology can enable, the more the technology aligns with our goal to create more standardized manufacturing practices across the industry. 
  • Intellectual property issues are resolved in the context of drafting unique, situation-based project agreements. The principles that guide the negotiations of such agreements are: (i) innovators (not funders like ARMI) should own and benefit from innovations; (ii) ARMI seeks to be flexible and responsive to partner concerns about aiding competitive firms while also seeking to develop technologies that can be broadly used across the regenerative manufacturing industry.
  • Your organization does NOT need to be a BioFabUSA member to submit a Intent to Submit form or a Project proposal.  However, if your project is selected, you must be a member prior to the launch of the project.

If you have any questions about the BioFabUSA Winter 2018 Project Call or membership you may submit your questions using the form on the Project Call page of the Portal.

Lastly, we wanted to note that we have not made the Project Call document downloadable on the Portal site.  We have taken this approach both for purposes of ensuring access to the most current information (items may be updated from time to time, so accessing them through the portal ensures you are looking at the most up to date information) and taking a more aggressive posture with respect to information security (the Department of Defense, our funder, takes information security and industrial espionage seriously and is focused on encouraging us to do the same).  You can, however, download the Intent to Submit template.

Deadlines for the Project Call are:

Intent to Submit Due 2/13/18

Proposal Due: 5/1/18