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New Member Spotlight: HVH Precision Analytics

It is estimated that one in 10 Americans are suffering with a rare disease.

While nearly 7,000 rare diseases have been identified, medical science continually adds new ones. Unfortunately, because of their rarity, perfectly qualified doctors never learn about these diseases in medical school, and may not recognize a case that walks into their practice. For someone suffering from a rare disease, that can mean up to a decade of delayed or inaccurate diagnosis, ineffective treatments, lack of access to experts and a significantly reduced quality of life. HVH Precision Analytics technology predicts and assists in the early identification of those potential patients.


“At HVH, our patent-pending predictive modeling process was built to aid in accelerating diagnosis,” said Steve Costalas, CEO, HVH Precision Analytics. “The healthcare industry generates and collects massive amounts of data - big data - with the potential to reveal actionable insights to optimize costs and outcomes if analyzed with the proper tools. HVH’s scalable platform integrates disparate data resources across the healthcare and non-healthcare domains to provide insights not obtainable restricted to only healthcare data,” he added.

HVH Precision Analytics is an AI/machine learning company that effectively applies machine learning on the real-world data landscape to help healthcare organizations accelerate actionable results, transform clinical research, and improve clinical trial design, site selection and patient enrollment and identify product-need hotspots. The company’s proprietary defense-grade technology platform was originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence Community and integrates the full spectrum of structured and unstructured data, including electronic health record (EHR), genomic, laboratory, claims, imagery, consumer, social and environmental data. HVH combines a data ‘agnostic’ approach with therapeutic medical expertise.

“Our unique machine learning capabilities broadly applied to real-world data significantly improves our clients’ ability to assist clinical trial sponsors with site selection and targeting, leading to improved trial enrollment," continued Costalas.

HVH uses machine learning and predictive algorithms and applies them to healthcare and clinical research utilizing large, national databases. Analyzing claims and other databases with the leading edge machine learning techniques has been effective in finding rare or hard-to-diagnose diseases that needlessly consume healthcare dollars before proper diagnoses are made.

“So, if we can look at the symptoms and apply predictive analytics to help find patterns, we can change the patient’s journey, accelerate the time to diagnosis, and help families get the answers they need. The journey is a lot easier if you have the knowledge to know what to look for,” according to Costalas.

HVH Precision Analytics grew out of a collaboration between Perspecta (formerly a part of Lockheed Martin serving the Intelligence Community) and Havas Health & You, the third largest global healthcare marketing and advertising firm. The company provides services along the entire healthcare product lifecycle. In addition, HVH applies its AI/machine learning platform and consulting services to manufacturing, IoT device networks, retail, media planning, hospitality and various other industries requiring the integration of disparate data sources to uncover signals and behavioral patterns that can be ‘actioned’ by our client to produce a measurable lift. 

“It used to be that there was an initial hypothesis, developing a model based on a limited data set, testing, and then a validation of the model. Now applying AI/machine learning techniques to big data, we can ‘derive’ the model from the data use real-world data and evidence from real patients to predict the outcomes,” explained Mark Antonacci, HVH Chief Commercial Officer.

Antonacci continued, “Within the regenerative medicine arena we can help find people for clinical trials from a broad scope including gene therapies. We see patterns emerge and we will be able to help find patients for whom regenerative medicine’s options are viable to help enhance the ability to efficiently and effectively connect the treatments with potential patients. We also have a well versed medical team on staff to correlate clinical relevance in the real marketplace.”

“A few of our successful outcomes for clients include confirmation that the market size for a disease was double what the client estimated, as it had based its assumptions on outdated information, and another client completely altered its sales strategy based upon our findings,” Costalas added.

“We also can analyze and achieve results from some hospital data in 24-48 hours instead of the typical 90-120 days. That fast turn-around of fragile tissue information will be critical in the future of regenerative medicine,” Costalas concluded.

HVH Precision Analytics is proud to be a friend of Rare Disease Day. For more information, visit their site here.