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Coffee, Cards & Comfortable Shoes

Dating back to 1983 with just 20 companies and 200 attendees, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference has grown into a collective four-day sprint with more than 20,000 attendees and $330+ billion in capital represented. January 6-10th is now a series of conferences, events, and one-on-one meetings focused on driving innovation via partnerships and investments within the global healthcare landscape. However, with so many people crammed within a few block radius of Union Square, there are a few helpful hints that can optimize your attendance as an organization involved in regenerative medicine. You may also wish to contact our team directly for a more case-specific strategy.

The event as a whole contains a multitude of larger conferences happening simultaneously throughout the week such as the Biotech Showcase, Digital Media and Medtech Showcase, J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, StartUp Health Festival and the RESI Conference. These larger conferences are appropriately complemented by a myriad of other smaller events designed for networking, face-to-face interactions, and simply embracing the presence of other like-minded professionals looking to improve the world of healthcare. Many of these events are invitation only, therefore the best way in is to simply ask around.

Focus your search by looking at past years events, choose based upon your intentions (networking, seeking capital, industry knowledge, etc.) and find a contact. Many organizations will host the same event year after year. Both the VirginiaBio & EY Life Sciences Circus before the Circus receptions are well known events to kick off the week! For those within or adjacent to regenerative medicine, we also recommend attending both the Non-Dilutive Funding Summit and the Cell & Gene Therapies State of the Industry Briefing. The former offers excellent insight into various sources of non-dilutive funding, whereas the latter is an all-inclusive industry overview highlighting the current state of regenerative medicine.

When scheduling one-on-one meetings, use a partnering forum such as partneringOne (complimentary with the purchase of a ticket to the Biotech Showcase). Not only is it convenient, the forum gives you a better understanding of who else will be attending that week. This method can be used in tandem with simply asking prospective clients, investors, partners, etc. whether they will be attending the conference as well. Subsequently, the real challenge is finding a location for the meeting. When conference rooms are going for $2,500/day, our best advice is to locate a few restaurants, coffee shops and/or bars within a few block radius of Union Square.

Similar to renting a conference space, some hotel rooms will spike upwards of 500% of their normal rate. Biocom President and CEO Joe Panetta mentioned "You used to be able to wait until October or November (to get a room), but now I have to reserve literally when I check out (the previous year)". With such an increase in costs, people have gotten creative when it comes to lodging to avoid the astronomical prices or commuting from an impractical distance. Many will turn to Airbnb or hostels as a suitable alternative. That being said, if location trumps cost, there are ample hotel options within a close proximity to Union Square.

Pulling all that together, the biggest tip is DON’T WAIT! Individual’s calendars tend to fill up even faster than the hotels therefore be sure to make connections early. In addition, be clear on what you hope to get out of the conference. Whether it’s touring local facilities, networking with current/future partners, or absorbing pertinent content, plan accordingly. Our team at ARMI is willing and able to provide any further details to ensure that you and your team get the most out of the conference. In addition, feel free to check out the following webinar hosted by MacDougall Biomedical Communications, ‘On Your Mark: Your Comprehensive Guide to JPM Week’