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March 1st Established as Cutoff Date for Participating in ARMI Governance Structures during Project Call 1.0

Upcoming Deadlines

Organizations that are members on or before March 1, 2018 are eligible to participate in the LAC and TASC.

As a member driven non-profit organization, ARMI needs strategic guidance from our membership to be successful.  To that end, ARMI will soon be filling two important roles in the ARMI governance structure with representatives from member organizations: the Leadership Advisory Council ("LAC") and the Technology Advisory Sub-Committee ("TASC").  

More details about the LAC are available in our community portal, but broadly speaking, its role is to advise ARMI's Executive Director and Board of Directors.  The LAC advises BioFabUSA related to policies and strategic guidance concerning technology and research priorities, objectives, and content of research programs, policies and strategic guidance concerning the education and workforce development programs, and the strategic direction of BioFabUSA.

The role of the TASC (additional details are also available in our community portal) is, as the name implies, more technically focused.  The TASC's mission is to help collect and organize technical input from BioFabUSA membership and ensure that BioFabUSA acts as a catalyst to bring manufacturing consistency and scale to engineered tissue platforms and products, on an end-to-end basis.  More specifically, the TASC's role is to advise the Chief Technology Officer on matters such as ensuring that relevant and high-quality projects are pursued to advance our technical objectives, assisting in the development of and updates to technology roadmaps, and proposing actions to enable rapid innovation and commercialization of technologies in the field of tissue manufacturing.

With the process for awarding funds to the next round of projects underway, we will soon be calling on the LAC and TASC to play their role in project selection.  In order to be eligible to participate as a member of the initial LAC or TASC (including supporting the current technical project call), your organization must be a member of ARMI on or before March 1, 2018.