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On the Cusp of a Transformational Time

Richard McFarland, Chief Regulatory Officer

Richard McFarland, Chief Regulatory Officer

We are living at an exciting time for regenerative medicine and engineered tissues! It feels to me as if with the correctly timed investments that we are on the cusp of a transformational time in the very nature of regenerative medicine from a scientific field of study to an industrial-clinical field that can change lives of patients. I was a relatively young reviewer at FDA in 2000 the last time that I worked in a field that felt this way- monoclonal antibodies for clinical use- then 25 years after Kohler and Milstien’s pivotal 1975 paper. 

Last week, I was privileged to be asked to speak at the Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium that was celebrating the 20th Anniversary of James Thomson’s pivotal human embryonic stem cell paper.  The opportunity allowed me to reconnect with fellow scientists whose groundbreaking work In early hESC clinical trials I had known through my roles at FDA. The discussions during those couple of days strengthened my belief in my hypothesis that we are nearing a transformational stage for our field. 

On June 6-7 you have the opportunity to debate my hypothesis with me by attending the first BioFabUSA Spring Summit in Manchester, NH. More importantly you have the chance to hear, discuss, and dive into the midst of a very exciting community that is BioFabUSA. BioFabUSA’s mission is to manufacture the future of biofabrication by developing the enabling tools and the workforce necessary for the cost effective clinical use of engineered tissues and organs- a change in medical practice as the routine use of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins was 20 years ago.  

But, the time to act is now- the early bird registration discount ends this Friday in just two days! Just as the early birds are returning to wintry but beautiful places like Madison (it snowed there last week) and Manchester.