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Introducing the Member Benefits and Shared Resources Program

Innovation stems from the synthesis of ideas and opportunities. ARMI understands that collaboration is at the basis of synthesis and our Member Benefits and Shared Resources Program is a key way to encourage such activities.

Introducing the Member Benefits and Shared Resources Program

The ARMI | BioFabUSA Member Benefits and Shared Program is a way to encourage engagement and collaboration amongst members of the ARMI ecosystem which allows them to offset the annual cost of membership and earning cost share credit.

The program makes it easy to achieve these credits by allowing members to select from a wide variety of options. This simple and straightforward process allows members to receive dollar value credit for activities that are identified as

  • Mission Support - helping ARMI | BioFabUSA staff execute on the organization's mission
  • Member Support - directly helping other ARMI | BioFabUSA members

Members can also receive cost share credit when they participate in a technology or education and workforce projects.

Member Benefits and Shared Resources Use Helps Achieve Our Mission

We continue to focus on cultivating a robust membership community that represents a diverse ecosystem in the new area of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.  Use of Member Benefits and Shared Resources component is a vital piece that will allow us to accomplish our mission.

By having our members provide other members with access to their facilities, equipment, subject matter experts and more, it will improve avenues for collaboration and leverage existing capital and staffing investments, thus allowing us to propel the industry forward more efficiently than ever before.  We hope you will use some of these services!

Getting Credit for Member Benefits and Shared Resources is Easy!

As a part of Manufacturing USA, ARMI seeks to increase U.S. competitiveness in the global manufacturing market through the development of the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine industry.  We are closer to accomplishing our mission as the engagement of our members increases, therefore increasing the connectivity of the entire ecosystem.  In many ways the Member Benefits and Shared Resources Program may give members credit for committing resources to do things they already view as important activities.  However, by making them available as part of the ARMI | BioFabUSA program, they are better coordinated and more effectively deployed than they would be if they continued to be available in a more ad hoc, less transparent manner. 

If you are currently working in the regenerative medicine, 3D printing, or biomaterials industries in research and development, we believe you may have a similar mission and stand to add to, and benefit from, working with ARMI. We want to create an additional incentive for you to do this work and for your work to be coordinated with the actions of similarly interested organizations around the country.

While we have a more detailed document as part of our Standard Operating Procedures & Processes (SOP/Ps) on our Member Portal showing additional ways of how to get engaged, some examples of cost share for credit include (but are not limited to):

Mission Support

  • Road mapping Participation,
  • Conference Panel Participant,
  • Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) participation,
  • Technical Advisory Sub-Committee (TASC) Participation,
  • Host a Regional Project Call Pitch Day,
  • Host and/or Present at Workshops,
  • Develop Curricula,
  • Teach Courses,
  • Content Generation (Write a White Paper, Host a Webinar etc.),
  • Event/Website/Promotional Sponsorship

Member Support

  • Member to Member Consulting (Regulatory, Technical, IP, Manufacturing etc.)
  • Access to Facilities
  • Access to Equipment
  • Discounts on or donation of Products/Services/Equipment
  • Contract Manufacturing

For current ARMI Members please contact your Account Representative or email Lexi Garcia at lgarcia@armisua.org or Taylor Warren at twarren@armiusa.org.

Prospective members of the ARMI community that are looking to get involved should reach out to Mike Pisani at mpisani@armiusa.org.