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Northeast Gains Momentum as Regional Ecosystem for Regenerative Manufacturing

With over 40 events across the country in 2018, ARMI | BioFabUSA is focused on creating and nurturing regional biofabrication ecosystems across the United States. One of the regional ecosystems we are focused nurturing is the northeast. With a dense concentration of companies and academic and clinical institutions supporting the development of engineered tissues, it is well suited as a place to leverage proximity to drive industry acceleration.  

To that end, three events that occurred in the past week serve as evidence that the northeast regional ecosystem is taking shape. 

The first event was the Manchester, NH office opening of Advanced Solutions Life Sciences (“ASLS”). ASLS is a Kentucky-based firm comprised of seven companies that provide integrated solutions and services. More specifically, ASLS offers innovative 3D bioprinting technologies as well as many others for the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. At the opening, ASLS CEO Michael Golway exclaimed – “We are here and are ready to report as part of the ARMI ecosystem!” 


The second event was the Manchester, NH office opening of Lung Biotechnology (a division of United Therapeutics). United Therapeutics, a Maryland based biotech company, is well known for the development of pharmaceutical products as well as their strong focus on pulmonary regenerative medicine, which has already saved hundreds of lives. Founder and CEO Martine Rothblatt, who serves on ARMI’s Board of Directors, was ecstatic about the opening and what it symbolizes for the future. She believes that with the expansion of her company and the development of other complementary technologies that, “before the next decade is out, before the 2020s is out, we will be able to manufacture hearts, lungs, kidneys and livers for the people who are today dying on the transplant list.”

The third event was the signing of New Hampshire Senate Bill 564 by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. The bill put into effect a 10-year tax exemption from the two business taxes (Business Profits Tax and Business Enterprise Tax) for companies in New Hampshire that have at least 75% of their business from regenerative manufacturing. The bill also focused on ensuring that regenerative manufacturing business would have the talent pool to grow by offering student loan forgiveness for workers that are employed primarily in regenerative manufacturing business activities in New Hampshire for at least five years, regardless of their location of education. Governor Chris Sununu stated shortly before signing the bill that, "This is it. This is ground zero [for regenerative medicine]."

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