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New Member Spotlight: Organovo and Samsara Sciences

Organovo and Samsara Sciences partner with ARMI | BioFabUSA to connect with a valuable network of resources in biofabrication. 

“By joining ARMI | BioFabUSA, Organovo connects with a valuable network of industry-focused resources and regulatory advisors dedicated to the development of standards and robust production methods that are critical to the long-term success of creating cell-based products,” said Dr. Sharon Presnell, President at Samsara Sciences and Chief Scientific Officer at Organovo.


“Samsara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Organovo, is a leading provider of highly specialized human liver cells, and we are committed to the development of industry-wide standards for cellular raw materials based on a clear understanding of customer requirements across a spectrum of applications,” she continued adding, “The ARMI | BioFabUSA network provides deep expertise to accelerate this mission and improve the consistency and performance of cell-based products,” said Dr. Presnell.

Organovo, (NASDAQ:ONVO), headquartered in San Diego, has developed a platform technology to produce and study living tissues that emulate key aspects of human biology and disease for use in drug discovery, clinical development and therapeutic applications.

The company develops tissue systems through internal research programs and in collaboration with pharmaceutical, academic and other partners.  Organovo’s living tissues have the potential to transform the drug discovery process by improving lab-to-human translation, enabling efficacious treatments to be developed and commercialized with greater relevance to performance in humans.

“We recently announced that along with our collaborators, we have made several important advancements with our 3D bioprinted tissues.  At the April 2018 International Liver Congress™, we presented two posters illustrating the ability to create functional human liver tissue, produce a spectrum of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)-like disease states within the tissues, and then successfully modulate aspects of the disease phenotype with a client’s development stage NASH drug.”

Organovo is actively working on a number of breakthroughs including:

  • The Company’s ExVive™ Liver Tissues are being developed and used in disease modeling for NASH and liver fibrosis, high-value drug profiling, target and marker discovery/validation and other drug testing.
  • Advancing multiple IND-track programs with its implantable NovoTissues® liver for critical unmet medical needs associated with liver failure.  The company recently received orphan designation from the FDA for its potential treatment of alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, the most common inborn error of metabolism that results in the need for liver transplantation.
  • Developing partnerships around its recently-published bioprinted human intestinal model, which exhibits compelling architecture, barrier and metabolic functions, while also being able to model key aspects of toxicity and inflammation.  “The gut model is an exciting addition to our portfolio of high-value drug modeling platforms,” said Presnell.  “Its performance and features outshine current in vitro systems and also has the potential to facilitate systems biology approaches for the study of diseases such as NASH, where disease initiation and progression involve significant interplay between the intestine and the liver.”

Presnell continued, “Organovo’s mission to deliver game-changing regenerative medicine products and in vitro liver models depends not only on a supply of well-qualified cellular raw materials, but also on our ability to further streamline and automate tissue production processes, such as bioprinting and post-fabrication conditioning. By joining the ARMI|Biofab USA group, we have the opportunity to work together with to develop industry standards and bring these ground-breaking products to the clinic and market.”

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