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New Member Spotlight: INTEGRA Biosciences

Marc Hamel of Hudson, New Hampshire is the Director of Sales for the North American Region at INTEGRA Biosciences, and discovered ARMI via ‘word of mouth’ from his sister in-law. Several years earlier she had worked for Segway, a company founded by Dean Kamen, and she recently told Hamel about Kamen’s newest venture in regenerative medicine called ARMI | BioFabUSA.

Hamel looked into the mission of ARMI and as a New Hampshire based manufacturer of laboratory liquid handling devices, he wanted to become part of the new scientific ‘brain trust’ now forming in the Queen City. Hamel envisions seeing laboratory produced tissue and organs coming onto the consumer market within the next five years.

INTEGRA Biosciences manufactures and sells a complete suite of pipetting products and consumables from manual and electronic hand-held pipettes to hands-free robotic platforms designed to reduce error and improve data quality in wet labs. The products are application agnostic and can assist a myriad of liquid handling challenges related to the regenerative medicine ecosystem.

 “We want to learn what tissue fabrication is all about and bring ideas and products in the area of pipetting to this group,” Hamel said. He continued, “Our product insights are influenced by what researchers in labs communicate to us. They are the fuel for new breakthroughs.”

The company has grown very rapidly over the last ten years with many products built in New Hampshire. INTEGRA Biosciences sells into to R&D labs in the pharmaceuticals area as well as to small biotech companies, universities and other testing labs around the world.


 “Products like INTEGRA's Voyager (multi-channel adjustable tip spacing pipettes) can facilitate the transfer of multiple patient samples 8x-12x more efficiently than conventional handheld pipettes. Combine this fact with the pipettes’ unique ability to be remotely controlled and signaled from a computer and this innovative technology virtually eliminates human error by orders of magnitude while improving pipetting reproducibility and enhancing consistency of results,” said Hamel.

“We will be ARMI’s Spring Summit in June with an exhibitor’s table to showcase our products and hope to meet many of the members there. Come say hello get a closer look at our innovative product line,” Hamel invited.

For more information, please visit INTEGRA's website here.