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New Member Spotlight: Tissue Source

Sherry Ziobro, President and CEO at Tissue Source, knew early in her professional life that she had the drive and the ability to lead a successful company. She just never dreamed it would entail supplying porcine tissues to the world of regenerative medicine and related medical research.

Moving back to her Midwest roots after an East Coast stint in project management and finance, she found her niche as the Production Operations lead for a start-up regenerative medical device company whose products were based on porcine extracellular matrix technology. When the start-up became entangled in a patent dispute that shut down their ability to produce and market the product for an extended period, Ziobro took the opportunity to test her mettle and founded Tissue Source in 2007.

“I had been responsible for sourcing the porcine tissue used, as well as working with the quality and regulatory elements that surrounded the product. I realized it would be an important advantage to be a critical supplier that operated at essentially the same level of quality and regulatory compliance as the producer of the final product,” Ziobro said.

The Tissue Source Quality Management System is certified to both ISO 13485:2016 and 9001:2015. In addition, Tissue Source maintains FDA 21 CFR 820 and 589, as well as ISO 22442-2 compliance. Finally, they also hold a USDA Class A Breeder License and maintain a USDA HACCP System.

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“We provide highly traceable porcine tissue for use in healing through innovation and education,” Ziobro said while attending the recent ARMI | BioFabUSA Summit in Manchester, NH. “That one feature – traceability – can be so very important in both medical research and the development of regenerative medicine products.”

Ziobro was introduced to the ARMI community while attending a TERMIS meeting and recognized ARMI was addressing many of the important issues within the regenerative medicine manufacturing industry.  She soon learned the ARMI objectives were in step with the direction Tissue Source was already headed. “I knew instantly we needed to become a part of this community,” she stated.

“We take our commitments very seriously”, Ziobro continued. “Our mission statement puts it all in perspective: Tissue Source serves communities that strive to bring hope, healing and improved quality of life through innovation and education. Accordingly, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality tissues and animals for use by the medical device, pharmaceutical, biomedical research and development, and scientific education communities.”

Tissue Source supplies their tissues to customers world-wide; they are APHIS approved for export including Chapters 8 and 20 Certification.

“Tissue Source is exceptionally proud to supply the tissues that are the basis for numerous medical devices either currently on the market or undergoing review by the appropriate Regulated Bodies,” Ziobro said. “I have personally witnessed the testimony of patients who have benefitted from life-changing and sometimes life-saving procedures using regenerative medicine products. You can’t help but to be humbled knowing your products, your commitments, and your actions hold the power to so positively affect the health and well-being of the individuals and communities we touch.”

For more information regarding Tissue Source, visit their website here!