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New Member Spotlight: Imaging Development Systems

“We listened to Dean Kamen at the SXSW 2018 Conference in Texas, and while we have always been a ‘fan,’ when we heard him speak about ARMI|BioFabUSA we realized the role that cameras could play in regenerative medicine (RM) from images to QC and many steps in between,” said Jeremy Bergh, Sales Director, North America at IDS.

Imaging Development Systems (IDS) provides high-performance, user friendly imaging systems with the ability to accommodate a broad spectrum of sensors and other variants. Founded in 1997, with the market launch of the IDS Frame Grabber FALCON by Jürgen Hartmann and Armin Vogt in Obersulm, Germany, IDS is a privately held company that has grown exponentially.

“We see a symbiotic relationship between cameras and what is needed in the regenerative medicine arena going forward,” he explained adding, “Cameras are already used in many industries from aerospace and robotics to sports and laboratories – anywhere where something needs to be monitored and where humans get tired.”

The IDS NXT presents a completely new generation of vision app-based sensors and cameras with unlimited possibilities for applications in the future of RM.

“We believe that all the facets of monitoring and security for tissues to blood to organs and all of the algorithms that go along with the manufacturing and processing can benefit from high powered, continuous imaging,” Bergh said,

IDS’ monitoring and software capabilities can benefit the entire regenerative medicine industry by providing solutions such as vision app-based sensors and cameras through their collaborations with other ARMI members and industry experts such as Advanced Solutions and Rockwell Automation.

“Adaptability will be crucial in RM, and we have the ability to support a nearly unlimited range of applications including the research, development, and production of software, equipment, and plant and mechanical engineering applications,” he noted.

Since it was founded as a two-person company back in 1997, IDS has developed into a successful, independent and ISO certified family company with 250 employees around the world.

IDS cameras can be found in equipment, plant, and mechanical engineering in sectors including the automotive, packaging, and printing industry, as well as in food technology. IDS also provide the ‘indispensable eyes’ for numerous applications in robotics, medical technology, traffic monitoring, security, kiosk systems, and logistics.

“IDS is excited to be a member of ARMI|BioFabUSA and we look forward to working with members, providing the advanced technologies and know-how required in the advancement of our shared mission to catalyze the scalable manufacturing of tissues and tissue related technologies,” he concluded.