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New Member Spotlight: STEL Technologies, LLC

Skeletal Tissue Engineering Laboratory (STEL) Technologies LLC, is an Ann Arbor based Regenerative Medicine company that engineers biological tissue implants for tissue replacement and repairs to musculoskeletal injuries. STEL Technologies, is a University of Michigan spinout founded in April 2013 by Dr. Lisa Larkin, CEO, Dr. Ellen Arruda, CSO, and Dr. Edward Wojtys, CMO.  To date, the company has raised more than $3M in non-dilutive funding and anticipates a IND-enabling first-in-human trial by 2020. 

STEL’s mission is to restore the health of patients by offering medical professionals cell-generated matrix implants that initiate and drive the regeneration of native tissues and repairs of soft tissue injuries.

 ACL and Rotator Cuff injuries are some of the most common orthopedic injuries, responsible for more than 800,000 reconstructive surgeries per year in the US.  Unfortunately, current tools for soft tissue repair use materials that do not promote regeneration and are associated with up to 90% re-injury rates and high incidence of post-traumatic osteoarthritis.  

Thus, the goal of STEL Technologies, LLC is to develop fully biologic grafts that recapitulate native soft tissues and restore natural mobility and function. Surgeons and thought leaders in the orthopedic community, including the Associate Director for Research from Zimmer Biomet are tremendously excited about the potential for this technology.  “Such a graft could advance the state of care for patients, particularly young patients, with soft tissue injury.” 


STEL’s first two products, the multi-phasic bone and ligament CGEM™ (Cell Generated Extracellular Matrix) graft and the ETG-RC (Engineered Tendon Graft for Rotator Cuff Repair) are both produced using adult bone-marrow derived stem cells and recapitulate the native soft tissues to restore natural mobility and function.

STEL learned about ARMI from another member, Steve Kennedy, EVP and COO at Histogenics. Since joining ARMI, STEL is incredibly active in the ARMI|BioFabUSA community, providing insight to other members of the growing ecosystem and contributing to the overall mission in various capacities. STEL has taken advantage of BioFabConsulting, a benefit available exclusively to the members of the ARMI|BioFabUSA community, and has provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on their experience thus far with Dr. Richard McFarland and Dr. Becky Robinson-Zeigler. STEL agrees that ARMI is a great organization to meet and collaborate with other like-minded companies with an interest in advancing regenerative medicine technologies.