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New Member Spotlight: BCS Call Processing

“Pharmaceutical and medical technology companies today face complex challenges. Rapid growth, increased regulatory scrutiny, and global scope require reliable networks and communications,” said Tom Johnson, Director of Strategic Development for BCS, adding, “Companies must keep employees, partners, and vendors connected and coordinated. 

BCS was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Rockland, Massachusetts. The company designs and implements custom technology roadmaps for Life Science & Manufacturing companies delivering end-to-end IT and communications solutions that are cost-effective and match specific operational needs. “We develop lifelong client relationships by eliminating technology-based headaches through scalable solutions from IT assessments to 24/7/365 support,” he added.

BCS’ unique qualification to deliver best in class solution is the result of the company’s strong technology partnerships, deep industry experience and committed staff of over 100+ professionals.

“Our 24/7/365 US-based technology support staff improves productivity and security by ensuring maximum availability of networks, data and applications from multiple locations in MA, NH, CA and Mexico. We support customer sites in more than 30 US states and globally.”

At the intersection of Life Sciences & Manufacturing, companies will need to be connected across multiple locations to factory equipment, employees and supply chain partners. Maintaining efficient operations and driving innovation, will require access to the latest technologies. Effective data and communications networks can accelerate decision-making, integrate systems and reduce costs through more efficient operations. “The connected operation keeps all its assets – people, data, tools, and locations – plugged in and accessible,” Johnson added.

“Internal IT and engineering teams are challenged to build and support a rapidly evolving infrastructure. Keeping up with emerging technologies is even more daunting and that is where BCS’ services help Life Science and biomed companies keep their technology systems running smoothly, ensuring regulatory compliance and allowing them to focus on their business,” said Johnson.

As an active member of the Life Science ecosystem, BCS closely follows the trends, associations and technologies that effect the market.  After attending the 2018 ARMI Summit, and learning more about ARMI’s mission, it was a natural decision for BCS to join ARMI and leverage their skillset to the mutual benefit of ARMI and other fellow members.  

“BCS’ work with many companies in the pharma, biotech and medical device markets enables us to understand the unique issues facing our customers and deliver world-class solutions to increase productivity, reduce risk and gain competitive advantage,” he added.

BCS seeks to strengthen their commitment and involvement in the Life Science market by providing critical tools and services to early stage companies.  “We are looking to build long-term partnerships with growing ventures,” Johnson continued.

The company understands that there are many early stage companies developing cutting edge solutions in Regenerative Medicine. “These companies will need to be prepared to navigate regulatory requirements in the quickest and most efficient manner.  We believe that by building partnerships and providing technology support with secure and structured data solutions, to early stage companies, we will all grow together and all parties will be better prepared to meet regulatory approval requirements. 

Talking about the challenges facing those in Regenerative Medicine Johnson said, “We see the hurdles, especially for early stage companies, to be the challenge of focusing organizational resources on research and development, compliance while scaling operations. BCS seeks to help growing organizations by proving world-class technology systems, so these companies can focus on their business.”

“For some small- and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing may be the best solution for all your business IT challenges while for others, augmenting and complementing an existing IT team is both the best and most cost-effective plan. Thinking through the benefits of both helps you determine which option, or possibly a combination of the two, will best serve your business.”

“The reality is that IT is never done. Many businesses and company stakeholders don’t want to hear that and virtually all IT Services companies don’t have the courage to say it. It’s an evolving, living system and will always be a cost of doing business. Clever and nimble companies learn how to convert much of that cost into a competitive advantage,” Johnson concluded.