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ARMI | BioFabUSA Intern Spotlight: Andrew Attar

My name is Andrew Attar and I am the Data Analysis intern at ARMI. I recently graduated from Tufts University where I was a pre-medical student in addition to studying English and Economics. Outside of school I am an avid snowboarder, surfer, and reader.

Throughout high school and my undergraduate career, I was fascinated by the life science disciplines and as a result, originally pursued a career in the medical field. To this end I completed two clinical internships and the pre-medical requirements, all of which were genuinely intriguing opportunities. However, as I progressed through college my interests became increasingly more aligned with the business aspects of the medical and biotechnology fields. This shift in interests is what eventually led me to ARMI in an effort to better understand what drives and influences the world of biotechnology/biopharmaceuticals. Fortunately, ARMI’s status as a leader of the regenerative medicine field and nexus point of information in the industry provided ample opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

This summer I have been responsible for a wide variety of tasks including the classification/organization of internal databases, comprehensive analysis of firms within the regenerative medicine field, and the creation of ad hoc industry reports used to highlight various strains of useful data. During my time at ARMI I have been able to learn an extraordinary amount of pertinent information about the nascent but intellectually stimulating industry of regenerative medicine. Furthermore, through experience and mentorship, my market research skills have dramatically improved along with my ability to synthesize variable yet interconnected data points. In general, this summer has provided me the opportunity to study the numerous moving parts of a particularly interesting industry all while providing for the development of analytical skills that are nearly universally applicable.