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All invited speakers should review the below information when preparing for your presentations.

Quick Links


  • NOW - Short biography (around 100-words and not CV) and high resolution color photo: digital format saved as a JPEG, or PNG. Please send to: kmorelli@armiusa.org

  • September 10 - Hotel deadline has expired but if you have not done so book your room now

  • September - Presenter Guidelines call (date and time TBA)

  • October 11 - Submit your final presentations here (as a backup please bring your presentation on USB drive)

Presentation Template

Presenters may use their own company template if they choose to do so. Please include:

  • Session Title

  • Speaker Name (s)

  • Speaker Company

  • The Conference Name, 2019 Fall Summit: Meeting in the Millyard

Presentation Reminders:

  • All presentations must be created in Windows PowerPoint, in 16:9 ratio size.

  • Video files should be submitted as separate files and indicated placement in the deck with a placeholder slide.

  • Please indicate the name of your session and your name in the title of your slide deck.

  • Please arrive at the AV table 10-minutes prior to your presentation

  • If you would like to do a dry run the AV team will be available to accommodate this on Tuesday, October 15 starting at 5:30 pm. This will be the only time available for rehearsal.

  • On-site content changes cannot be accommodated.

  • If you are using a font other than Arial please let us know so we can make sure the presentation laptop is loaded with the correct font to keep the integrity of the presentation.

For your convenience, ARMI | BioFabUSA has created a branded PowerPoint slide template you may use for your presentation.

You can find details on converting your presentation to the required 16:9 size by downloading these helpful hints. 

Presentation Guidelines

When building your presentation, please keep in mind the following:

  • Content should be consistent with the title/abstract for the session.

  • Content should not be sales-focused in nature.

  • No illustrations should show deceased animals or animals in distress.

  • Volume of slides should be aligned with duration of session.

  • Keep your slides to minimal text; you should talk to them / elaborate verbally.

  • Review for overall look/feel, typos, grammar and punctuation.

  • Content should not have outdated product names or content that is unannounced or not available.

  • Include a summary slide, quick tips, action items, etc. at the end of the presentation.

  • Put your contact information on the final slide.

  • Remember the copyright info, cite references, etc.

Guidelines for Presenters

Define the goal for your presentation, what type of presentation do you want to give? The links below are meant to provide some direction and examples of 3 different types of presentations.

  1. Case Study

  2. Data Rich/Knowledge Sharing

  3. Inspirational

These speaker presentation skills videos will introduce our Summit speakers to best practices for crafting a compelling narrative while embedding a presentation with the right tools to more effectively inform, persuade, motivate and connect with an audience.

Then, check-out these tips and tricks for session presenters as they prepare to come to the Summit and get in front of an audience as a session presenter.

Speaker Ready Room

A dedicated Speaker Ready Room will be available to all presenters. The room will be marked with a sign. Speakers should use this workspace to meet with co-presenters and review their presentation.

Presenters should head to the AV table 10-minutes prior to your presentation to get mic'd up.

We suggest all speakers bring a backup of their presentation on a thumb drive.

Onsite AV

The following standard audio/visual equipment will be provided.

  • Standard introduction

  • Stage

  • Podium

  • Countdown clock

  • 2-75” presentation display screens

  • Wireless/handheld podium mic

  • Confidence Monitor

  • Wireless screen advancer

Event App

The ARMI | BioFabUSA Fall Summit will be Mobile. To help make your experience at the event a lot more valuable we will develop a custom app for this event. This app will include networking, schedules, social media and much more in the palm of you hand.

Watch your inbox - more info is on the way!

Photography & Social Media Policy

ARMI | BioFabUSA welcomes attendees to take photographs during the event with personal mobile devices for non-commercial purposes. Live tweeting and sharing of meeting content (such as slide and exhibitor information) on social media as a way to share information is also permitted.

If a speaker does not wish to have his or her session or research photographed or shared via social networks, the speaker will make an announcement before the presentation.

ARMI | BioFabUSA strongly encourages compliance with speaker requests regarding photography, audio/video recording, livestreaming, and social media sharing.

Sharing Presentations

All presentations will be uploaded onto member portal after the event in pdf format, accessible by ARMI| BioFabUSA members only. If you do not wish to share your presentation please let us know.