Allison Hubel, PhD: Dr. Hubel is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Biopreservation Core Resource (BioCoR,, a national resource in biopreservation. Dr. Hubel has studied both basic science and translational issues behind preservation of molecules, cells and tissues. Her research focuses on development of fit-for-purpose protocols for preservation, development of technology to improve preservation/processing of cells, and understanding molecular mechanisms of damage during preservation. She has developed and offered professional short courses on preservation of cell therapies and biospecimens. She has several patents in the area of preservation, some of which are being commercialized. She is a co-principal investigator for the NIH–funded REACH program that helps faculty commercialize their research at the U of MN. She is a fellow of ASME and AIMBE and a National Blood Foundation Scholar. She has been honored recently with the Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking Award from ISBER. She has published numerous articles related to preservation and is a former deputy editor of Biopreservation and Biobanking.