Dr. Francis is a proven biotechnology professional with a passion and prowess for translational science & regenerative medicine. Dr. Francis is a cultivated communicator, educator and energizer offering 20 years of diverse R&D and leadership experience spanning cardiovascular, orthopedic, spine, craniofacial and sports medicine indications. Dr. Francis has scientific expertise in R&D of medical devices, stem cell research and cell therapy-related products, extracellular matrix biology, nanotechnology, primary cell isolations, culture, process and assay development, human tissue allograft, biomaterials and tissue engineering. As a founding Scientist at LifeNet Health's Institute of Regenerative Medicine, over 6 years of R&D leadership, Dr. Francis invented, researched and developed multiple successful medical device products (e.g. DBM Fiber Shapes), cell therapy products (e.g. ViviGen™) and stem cell/cell therapy-related research products (e.g. HuGENTRA™), collaborating widely with academic and industry partners to translate regenerative therapeutics into the clinic with strong evidence based medicine support." Dr. Francis is a serial inventor with multiple projects led from market needs assessment and clinician input, to product ideation, team-science research, preclinical animal studies, through design control and regulatory submission, to platform product production. Dr. Francis earned his B.A. in Philosophy and B.S. in Biology concurrently from the University of Akron, and Ph.D. in Pathology between The Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia. Dr. Francis has worked in leadership roles at multiple medical device companies, and is also faculty at Eastern Virginia Medical School, where he lectures regularly and actively mentors’ students. Dr. Francis is also highly involved community service to the profession, including serving on various academic and non-profit advisory boards, and founding two lecture series on regenerative medicine. In his spare time, you can find Michael adventure seeking with his wife, Anna, daughter Aurora, and son AJ, and traveling, hiking, mountain biking or working on his classic cars.