Ryan Downs is a Vice President with MPR Associates, Inc. Mr. Downs joined MPR in 1997 and has since led technology and product development projects for medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, large hospital systems, US military and other Federal Government agencies. Mr. Downs has over 20 years of experience in performance of Control System Development, Automation, Robotics, Human Factors, System Design and Integration, Program Management and Qualification Testing related to systems developed to medical and military qualifications. More recently Mr. Downs has worked with new and established companies to define corporate strategy and unique business models around technologies or product offerings focused on monetization of novel concepts, often in nascent markets. At MPR, Mr. Downs is on the corporate leadership team focused on corporate strategy, investment, and new initiative development. Additionally, he ran one of three business units within MPR which included business strategy, team leadership, personnel management, operations and forecasting. Mr. Downs manages much of MPR’s business with the Federal Government thus has a firm understanding of Federal Government contracting, budgeting cycles, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Mr. Downs has a MBA from Columbia Business School focused on strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship and a BS from Pennsylvania State University in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, Mr. Downs is leading a team to develop a telerobotic surgical assist robot for a major US-based cancer hospital. The robot standardizes routine steps while reducing surgical staff in the operating room for one of the most prevalent surgical procedures in the country. The product is currently in a clinical trial in the hospital. The technology is being licensed to a startup interested in commercializing the robot. MPR will likely support the startup in commercialization after the licensing agreement is completed, following the clinical trial.