Sangya S. Varma, PhD is a scientist: an inventor, an innovator, an educator and a leader. She is the COO of NJ Center for Biomaterials, a multidisciplinary center of excellence for Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Drug Delivery – that spans academia (30+ National and International Institutions), industry (60+) and government. She directs the implementation and utilization of $75 million and manages all of the operations at NJCBM including sponsored programs – federal and industry. She is the transition and commercialization lead and also the industrial liaison for the center. She also serves as Chief of Workforce Development Programs for the Center. In 2018, she brought the Rutgers-Cleveland Clinic Consortium (R-CCC) of AFIRM-I (Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine) to a successful conclusion as its COO and has managed several clinical trials to successful completion, including Face Transplant. She is also the co-Director of NJ Life Sciences Talent Development Center – a NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development initiative under the ‘65 by ‘25 campaign. She co-lead the mid-Atlantic regional Education and Workforce Development ARMI Quick Start project. Prior to joining NJCBM, she was the Director of Professional Science Master’s Program, an interdisciplinary, interschool, university-wide program that addressed the need of developing a highly trained workforce in science and technology with skills in business and management. She was responsible for Curricula development and New Course Development, including online format (25 concentrations and 57 new courses in various STEM disciplines) in the Master of Business and Science (MBS) Rutgers-wide degree program. She was successful in transitioning the originally grant funded program into a self-supporting unit in three short years. In Industry, she developed a novel imaging technology and later converted it into FDA approved and CE marked medical devices. Dr. Varma is passionate about the real-world applications of Biomaterials and in improving health care and the quality of life by advancing biomedical products for tissue repair and replacement, and the delivery of pharmaceutical agents.