Claudia Zylberberg, Ph.D. is a leader in regenerative medicine. She is the founder and CEO of Akron Biotechnology, a manufacturer of cGMP-grade ancillary materials for the tissue, cell and gene therapy industry. She also co-founded in the past AssureImmune, an adult stem cell bank. Dr. Zylberberg holds numerous patents and has developed several patent-pending platform technologies in cryopreservation, novel formulations and others. She has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed publications and has received grants from the NIH and Department of Defense, among others. In early years, Dr. Zylberberg worked at Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, specializing in human plasma derived products. Her experience in product development and protein manufacturing has been instrumental for the development of key materials to accelerate the regen med industry. Claudia Zylberberg, PhD, serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Akron Biotech ( Akron Biotech, a leading CMDO in the field of regenerative medicine, innovates, develops and manufactures a range of products and technologies for cell and gene therapy and tissue engineering. Akron focuses on cGMP-compliant recombinant and human proteins, media and supplements, cryopreservation media and 3D scaffolds for active delivery, tissue reconstruction and cell culture. Dr. Zylberberg has over 30 years of experience in the international biopharmaceutical industry. Her expertise is focused on the areas of recombinant protein production and human-derived blood products. She also has co-founded and successfully exited a clinical CRO and a family stem cell bank. She holds numerous patents and peer-reviewed publication records. She has developed products to support industry growth, like cryomedias and others. Dr. Zylberberg has several patent pending technologies and grants through NIH, the Department of Defense and other industry consortia. She has authored and co-authored many scientific articles and developed several commercial products for use in the field of cellular biology. She has also authored a children’s book on genetics called “You’re full of genes.” Due to her vast understanding of the global stem cell market, Dr. Zylberberg has advised and consulted organizations worldwide on the commercialization of cell banking and therapies. She participates as an Advisor for the US Pharmacopeia, ISO US TAG standards and other international bodies in relation to standard-setting initiatives for biologics and ancillary materials critical for the production of cellular therapies, bioprocessing and logistics. In addition she co-founded the Standards Coordinating Body (SCB) and hold present and past positions at boards such as ISCT, ARM, NAS (Regenerative Medicine Forum), and the ARM Foundation. Other advisory positions include ISO US TAG, BioFlorida, ISSCR, CBA (Cord Blood Association), and Biomedical Engineering, University of Miami (Bioengineering).