What is Biofabrication?

Biofabrication is the manufacturing of cells, tissues, and organs to cure chronic disease and treat traumatic injury.

Current cell, tissue and organ manufacturing practices are not scalable, consistent and cost-effective. At BioFabUSA, we are redefining the biofabrication industry’s manufacturing technology and processes to bring projects out of laboratories and into manufacturing facilities.


Scalable, Modular, Automated, Closed (SMAC)


Manufacturing technologies must enable manufacturing from research scale to commercial production so that process output can be scaled up, down and out with minimal impact on product quality and demand for expensive comparability studies is low.


To reduce process-related variability, automation can make objective, measurement-based decisions during a process and allow technicians to work with machinery at a strategic level to ensure consistency.


Manufacturing systems and even processes need to be flexible to adapt to unique and changing variables, as well as to accommodate equipment and technology changes without disrupting the supervisory automation and data acquisition infrastructure.


A functionally closed manufacturing system increases sterility assurance and avoids the need for expensive clean-room spaces.

BioFabUSA, a program of ARMI, is a public-private partnership with more than 170 members, including companies, academic institutions and not-for profit organizations.




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