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University of Connecticut: The Cato T. Laurencin Institute for Regenerative Engineering: Bioengineering lung tissue using advanced 3D bioprinting technology

April 25, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Rising Stars of Regenerative Engineering: Bioengineering lung tissue using advanced 3D bioprinting technology

Lung transplantation remains the only viable option for individuals suffering from end-stage lung failure, but current limitations exist including a continuing shortage of suitable donor lungs and immune rejection following transplantation. To address these concerns, engineering a decellularized biocompatible lung scaffold from cadavers reseeded with autologous lung cells to promote tissue regeneration has been explored. Proof-of-concept transplantation of these bioengineered lungs into animal models has been accomplished. However, failure to fully regenerate and repopulate lung scaffolds with all of the distinct cell populations necessary for proper function remains a significant hurdle. Therefore, bioengineering lung tissue using advanced 3D bioprinting technology in combination with lung-derived stem cells is currently being explored as an alternative approach and may help to address not only donor shortages but provide a means to create patient-specific therapies for both pediatric and adult populations suffering from respiratory illnesses. The following talk will provide an update on cells currently used for lung tissue engineering as well as recent progress in the development of a 3D bio printed pediatric-sized airway for future transplantation.

 Mentor: Christine Finck, M.D., FACS , Surgeon-in-Chief

Chief, Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

The Peter J. Deckers Endowed Chair in Pediatric Surgery

University of Connecticut

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FORMAT: Webinar presentation for 40 minutes by the trainee, followed by a 20-minute dialogue with the mentor, and concluding with 15 additional minutes for Q&A via chat from the audience. The events will be hosted and moderated by Dr. Gualberto Ruaño, Director of Special Projects at The Cato T. Laurencin Institute for Regenerative Engineering, University of Connecticut.


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