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University of Connecticut: The Cato T. Laurencin Institute for Regenerative Engineering: A Growth Factor-Based Approach to Articular Cartilage Repair

April 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Rising Stars of Regenerative Engineering: A Growth Factor-Based Approach to Articular Cartilage Repair

The articular cartilage of the knee functions to absorb shock, bear weight, and provide a smooth articulating surface for joint motion. Traumatic joint injury such as knee ACL tear or severe ankle sprain can damage the articular cartilage and cause Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis (PT-OA), an especially aggressive form of OA in which the injured articular cartilage degrades and is lost in as little as 15-20 years. PT-OA is a problem for elite athletes and military because traumatic joint injury is common in these groups. Fortunately, PT-OA onset can be delayed, and patients temporarily return to sport or service with a surgery called Osteochondral Allografting (OCA), in which the damaged articular cartilage is removed and replaced with cartilage from a deceased donor. Regrettably, the OCA procedure is not a cure because the graft fails after 5-10 years. The reason for failure is the lack of seamless integration of the graft into the patient’s own articular cartilage. The overall goal of this project is to develop an approach to achieve seamless integrative articular cartilage repair.

Trainee:Sandro Cloiseau

Mentor: Caroline N. Dealy, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Craniofacial Sciences, School of Dental Medicine

Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Dental Medicine

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, School of Medicine

Department of Cell Biology, School of Medicine

University of Connecticut

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FORMAT: Webinar presentation for 40 minutes by the trainee, followed by a 20-minute dialogue with the mentor, and concluding with 15 additional minutes for Q&A via chat from the audience. The events will be hosted and moderated by Dr. Gualberto Ruaño, Director of Special Projects at The Cato T. Laurencin Institute for Regenerative Engineering, University of Connecticut.


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