BioFabUSA Spring 2019 Project Calls: An Invitation to Submit

The Spring 2019 Project Calls are divided into two areas: Technology and the Tissue Foundry. The Technology Project Call is intended to fund key projects in (1) Bioreactor Culture Systems (2) Measurement Technologies (3) Chemically Defined Culture Media (4) Packaging, Transport & Storage that align with BioFabUSA’s mission. The Tissue Foundry Project Call is intended to fund key projects in adapting manual TEMP fabrication processes to the automated tissue foundry prototype manufacturing platform. Projects funded through this proposal would address common manufacturing gaps and support broadly applicable technologies to enable engineered tissue manufacturing.

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Upcoming Submission Deadlines

Spring 2019 Technical & Foundry Project Calls

Letter of Intent: July 10, 2019

Full Proposal Deadline: August 20, 2019