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BiologYou & Science Museum Engagement

SEE Science Center, a children’s museum in Manchester, NH, added a permanent exhibit called BiologYou. It introduces visitors to DNA structure and function—and emerging technologies, such as gene editing that employs virus delivery.

SEE Science Center, a children’s museum in Manchester, New Hampshire, provides hands-on exhibits, daily demonstrations and group programs to members of the community. Recently, in response to the ARMI | BioFabUSA education and workforce development project call, SEE Science Center added a permanent exhibit featuring 2,000-3,000 square feet of components. It’s titled BiologYou. It constitutes the biggest change in SEE Science Center’s permanent exhibit offerings since 2006.

Through interactive experiences, the BiologYou exhibition at SEE introduces visitors to DNA, its structure and function. Additional pieces of the exhibit at SEE showcase proteins, human cells and human development utilizing colorful, inviting components. The permanent exhibit also introduces emerging technologies, including gene editing using virus delivery.

The exhibit was developed with the National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research.

Additional efforts by SEE Science Center include summer camps and workshops, as well as mini-courses that use hands-on activities developed by ARMI | BioFabUSA, such as The Ghostly Heart.

Did You Know?

SEE Science Center’s leaders believe that with the exhibits, camps and workshops, they can impact thousands of young minds. More than 40,000 people visit the center each year.

The implementation of hands-on activities in 2019 was a great success, with nearly 120 students exposed to biofabrication-related concepts.

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