Member Spotlight: Biocut Systems

Biocut Systems team of scientists and engineers help clients that need bioprocessing tools that are designed specifically for the cleanroom environment. 

“Our partners are the heroes of our story, their innovative products, leading edge research, and the development of cutting-edge ideas within the Bioscience & Regenerative Medicine (RM) market space helps aid in human recovery and improve lives around the world,” said John Reimer, Vice President, Business Development at Biocut Systems, continuing, “And it is our mission to guide our partners to optimize their limited resources and overcome the challenges they face getting products and ideas to market.”

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Biocut System’s, headquartered Milwaukee, WI, has a team of scientists and engineers who help clients that need bioprocessing tools which are designed specifically for the cleanroom environment.  Biocut’s understanding of the biologic processing market, enables them to design machinery that is easy to assemble/disassemble, clean and sterilize.

“We offer an enthusiasm to make a difference in the world. We lead with our knowledge in developing the processes required to bring bioscience regenerative medicine products to market,” Reimer said.

Biocut collaborates with leading bioscience industry companies to assess current market needs and requirements, then develop products that deliver new technology and unparalleled levels of performance which improve productivity which in turn shortens time to market.

“While we don’t claim to have all the answers – we do claim, with the help of the ARMI members knowledge, that we will be able to flush out ideas that work for this industry because together we have a wealth of engineering expertise within the bioscience community specifically within Allotransplant, to create the tools and machinery necessary to further research, ideas and products to maturity,” he explained.

When Biocut Systems was researching companies that were working within the Regenerative Medicine Market space, they came across ARMI and reached out for after further discussions. “We knew Biocut definitely wanted to get more involved,” said Reimer.

As the industry continues to understand the causes of disease, aging, wound healing, and as Artificial Intelligence (AI) starts to accelerate, Biocut believes there will be a merging between RM and AI.

“What that looks like we don’t know.  Ten years ago, engineering body tissues and organs, reversing the aging process and accelerating wound healing were the ideas  of science fiction that were worth exploring and today it is actually happening! Together we are creating a gigantic, disruptive new industry built on the foundation of Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Allotransplant and Biomaterials to revolutionize the practice of medicine, said Reimer, adding, “As we look out ten years it has been said nano-robots may one day navigate through our bloodstream, identifying illness and killing pathogens and cancerous cells, we hope to be part of bringing these kinds of ideas to market.”

The biggest hurdle Biocut sees in the future of Regenerative Medicine is getting the products and ideas to market.  They feel there are many great ideas that can help people around the world but without money and companies who are willing to take the time and make the investment to explore production models to make it feasible to get to the masses, the industry will still be speculative instead of actually helping.

Biocut Systems transparent project management, web hosted design reviews, expedited drawings and rapid prototyping along with their industry experience shortens the engineering process, increases productivity and focuses priorities.

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“When we look at the Regenerative Medicine Market space and see the great things happening in Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Allotransplant, or Biomaterials, I see areas still working within their own silo and we want to foster the synergies between each to help lower some of the barriers, to get these life improving technologies to market,” he said.

Biocut began the journey into the Regenerative Medicine market to help streamline production within Allotransplant, to take the methods out of the lab, improve efficiencies by creating tools needed for production and the company believes that their expertise can now cross over into Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials while also connecting the different markets.

“We hope to connect with the difference makers, the idea generators, the people who don’t take no for an answer.  We want to help change the world through the membership of ARMI,” Reimer concluded.

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