BioTrek is a project-based learning program for high school students.

BioFabUSA created BioTrek, a problem-based learning program, to inform, attract, inspire and recruit students.

Developed by BioFabUSA, the program rests on three pillars: engagement with advanced technologies, familiarization with the principals of entrepreneurship and exposure to the education and career pathways that lead into the advanced manufacturing sector. These focus areas are wrapped around a student-led, design-thinking approach that lets participants concentrate on a problem area that holds real meaning for them and apply what they learn about technology and entrepreneurship to a real-world challenge.

Through the research and work associated with the program, students learn how to approach and solve complex problems and communicate their findings to a specific audience. Field trips to companies and universities help students learn how to interact with industry advisors, provide perspective on the professional opportunities available in the advanced manufacturing and technology sectors and increase awareness of the education pathways required to work in these fields.

Explore career opportunities, entrepreneurship and the next-generation technologies that comprise the biofabrication industry.

Students will:

  • Identify a real-world problem
  • Devise a concept for a product that addresses the problem
  • Build a business model around the product
  • Pitch your problem, product and business model concept to a panel of representatives in a “Shark Tank”-style setting

Did You Know?

BioFabUSA piloted BioTrek in the spring of 2021 with two teachers and 100 students.

BioTrek this year will expand not only in New Hampshire but also Massachusetts.

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